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Gabriella is the Manager of Health Promotions at Urban Poling Inc.

She is a Registered Kinesiologist as well as a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer.

Move over body builders – Why older adults have more to gain from weightlifting and higher protein diets | The older we get the more dietary protein our bodies require.

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She has also presented at several conferences and is the past fitness director of the Blue Mountain Women's Fitness Weekend.Review and practice cueing and how to transition safely from one movement to the next. Positive Experiences Never Get Old | In this session, participants will experience parts of new evidence-based training and tools from HIGH FIVE that support a quality framework and standard for older adult recreation.Learn how the HIGH FIVE principles, design guidelines and tools are being validated and adapted for older adult recreation programs and how you can implement them to enhance participant experiences and outcomes in your programs.Elaine has degrees in Physical Education, Arts and Education , as well as a certification in Gerontology from Okanagan College.While personal training seniors , she quickly identified a relationship between fitness and cognition and has set out to improve both in the seniors she works with.

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