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And the Jamie thing is questionable, Jamie She could be Jamie Sher, or could be quite a few different people. I find myself skipping to the interview part and then cringing throughout the whole interview. Just saw the first episode and I thought it was cute. Damn you guys, I thought she was going to be horrible. I mean come on, if they don't want an opinion, why post it on the internet at all? Being a lesbian is one aspect of my life, but there are many others as well. Being a lesbian is one aspect of my life, but there are many others as well. You are pathetic if you think that watching a stupid reality show like so you think you can dance makes you well rounded.

And I thought she was kinda funny when I first saw her on some vlog... I know, she was hilarious as a guest star but with her own show... I know the guests are in on the joke but I've never understood the funny in pretending to be awkward. And the fucking shit about so you think you can dance? I think you need to look beyond reality tv for that.

Overall I'd say the best word to describe this episode: AWKWARD.

Isn't this the point of her jokes awkward?

Indeed, every word Markle, 35, has ever said about her hopes, dreams, likes, and dislikes, have already been dissected.

She’s even had a relative, her half-sister, start talking trash about her.

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She’s even made headlines for something as simple as leaving her Toronto home to go to work!

But surely the creepy-lesbian-perving-on-hot-girls routine is going to get old very quickly. I used to visit AE regularly, but between its insistence on being so nice and PC about everything and its need to ramble on and on about stuff like "So You Think You Can Dance?

She's just not as likable as Ellen, and her goofy crooked smile grates my nerves. It's about ten times better than all the other vlogs on AE... And she managed to get some real famous people, which is more than can be said for any of the others.

" data-reactid="31" actress Meghan Markle was first linked romantically to Prince Henry of Wales (better known as Prince Harry), and she’s already feeling the glare of the spotlight.

Ironically, Charles was dating her sister, Lady Sarah Spencer, before Diana caught his eye.

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