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They had confiscated his Xbox and computer and broken into his safe.

Andersen locked his doors, closed the blinds, then turned on the TV—on nearly every regional channel stern-faced reporters delivered the breaking news: Birdman’s House Searched.

At about the same time, Roxanne, who knew nothing of this extortion, told authorities in California that Andersen had begun threatening her with harm and imploring her to perform demeaning sexual acts, and she had proof—text and Facebook messages.

The Douglas County sheriff’s office was notified, a warrant was procured, and Andersen’s home was searched. When the Denver Nuggets traveled to Los Angeles for the deciding game in their playoff series, Andersen was left behind.

We’re confident it will show that Chris did not engage in any criminal conduct.” (Andersen never talked to the press about this case, and declined an interview request from That bit of blackmail was related to a brief relationship between Andersen and Paris Roxanne, a 17-year-old aspiring model from just outside Los Angeles.

They had met online in October 2011, where she had presented herself as a 21-year-old.

He would shoot hoops with the kids or just sit and joke with them, as if to say, “If I can do it, so can you.” Andersen drove back to Larkspur that morning as fast as he safely could, and when he exited onto Spruce Mountain Road he ran into a traffic jam—news trucks and media vans lined up for two blocks, leading to his driveway.

By the time he pushed through the crowd and entered his house, the sheriffs had already left.

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Whenever he hosted a summer basketball camp, kids would show up in the hundreds with flimsy fauxhawks and copies of his tattoos scribbled on their arms.

The reports said police wouldn’t reveal what, exactly, they were investigating, only that the ICAC, which deals with everything from possession of child pornography to child rapists, was involved.

The next day, Andersen’s lawyers released a statement explaining that he had been the victim of an extortion plot earlier in the year, and said, “The investigation is expected to take three weeks.

When police sirens began blaring behind him, Andersen checked his speedometer, then pulled over and rolled down his window. But when Andersen arrived at the arena, Nuggets management was waiting for him.

The sheriffs, however, had no interest in squabbling over a speeding ticket; instead, they told him a convoy from the Douglas County sheriff’s office, including the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit (ICAC), was headed down from Denver to execute a search warrant on his home. “News was already starting to break,” recalls Jesse Mermuys, a former Nuggets assistant coach.

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