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Though Elizabeth notifies the police and calls Lynn to warn her, the message is garbled.The attackers bind Lynn and prepares to cut open her stomach, but abruptly leave, hiding the camera as they do so.Though Elizabeth implores the police to investigate, they tell her that there is nothing that they can do.

Elizabeth is further shaken when she receives a message showing the attackers stalking and entering a home owned by Lynn, Elizabeth's pregnant sister.While harried from trying to find a way to reach Damien, Elizabeth receives an angry call from Sally, informing her that the video of her and Damien having sex was sent to the entire graduate board.Sally does not believe Elizabeth when the latter insists she was hacked, and informs her that her grant is suspended until further notice.The movie begins with Elizabeth logging into a webcam-based social media site known as The Den, which allows users to chat with random strangers across the world, similar to Chatroulette.For her graduate project in sociology, she proposes to chat with as many strangers as possible and calculate how many meaningful conversations she can accumulate.

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