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Many lesbians can't stand Howard, who in the early '90s focused much of his air time to "Lesbian Dial a Date" and other questionable antics, and thus began his obsession with gay women.

Some were enraged that they were being sexualized by Howard Stern, but I for one liked the idea that Howard was making lesbianism appear glamorous -- I could identify much more with that than the mainstream American image of lesbians as being man-haters who loathed sex and lumbered around in bad haircuts. Sure -- but like it or not, he was also changing perceptions.

She's out there banging the hottest chicks in Hollywood -- how does she do it?

" Not that we need a bedroom image of Ellen in our heads, but it reminds us that she is a sexual person, and that this media darling goes home every night to a woman. If a gay man were to tune in to Howard's show for the first time, he would very well be turned off (and would tune out) after hearing the proliferation of gay jokes and words like "fruit," "faggot" and fairy" that are routinely thrown around on the show.

I didn't care how late for work I was: Even if the lady on the hot seat was a C-list celeb like Daphne Zuniga, I wanted to know the answer!Since then, the "God Hates Fags" people have appeared on the show several times, and it's always clear Howard is doing this to show his audience what buffoons they are.In another nod to gay men, one of the show's most beloved interns was "Gay Rich." Sure, Howard quizzed him on his sex life and gave him a hard time, but it was with fondness.But perhaps the most striking example of Stern's matter-of-factness on the subject is his interaction with frequent guest Sandra Bernhard.Howard is really the only mainstream interviewer to ask Bernhard about her lesbianism, even though a large part of her career is based on the openness of her sexuality.

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