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During her time, she was known to be quiet and contemplative. She commonly made sacrifices and lived in great austerity.

In October 1885, Sister Rafqa made an unusual request of Jesus, asking to share in his suffering.

She did as she was asked, working patiently and diligently as she was able despite her suffering. Eventually she was confined to bed, mostly paralyzed and only able to lie on her right side.

Her body withered, but her hands remained capable, and she used them to knit socks.

During the surgery, she refused anesthesia, and the doctor made a mistake which caused her eye to emerge from its socket and fall to the floor.

Sister Rafqa, instead of panicking, blessed the doctor, saying "For Christ's passion, god bless your hands and may God repay you." The surgery did not succeed. For the next 12 years, she experienced pain in her remaining eye and headaches.

By all accounts, her childhood was happy and simple, until she was just 7 years old and her mother, Rafqa (for whom she was named) died.

The death of her mother started a period of tribulation for Rafqa and her father, who soon experienced financial difficulties.

Her superior was concerned about Rafqa's pain and ordered that she be examined by doctors and sent to Beirut for treatment.

Rafqa was sent to work as a domestic servant for four years to help support the family.

During that period, she worked in Damascus, away from her father.

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