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Insecticidal efficacy of silica gel with Juniperus oxycedrus ssp.

Just like the color of the bridal wreath spiraea, this fragrant flowered shrub starts blooming in late spring to early summer with its fragrant pure white to cream colored flowers lasting for weeks after that. This shrub is great as a background plant because of its ever changing variegated foliage.

This type of shrub is perfect for the wedding finery with its tiny bunches of white flowers that bloom before it leafs out as it welcomes the spring season. In fall, this shrub’s glossy foliage darkens into maroon-red and blooms with white flowers in late spring.

As a result, you get pink and blue berries clusters during fall. Its spikes are full of white, purple, yellow, blue or pink florets and this flowering shrub blooms starting to appear from the middle of the summer until the first frost.

On the other hand the University of Texas at Austin says the ripe berries are toxic and Delena Tull in her 1999 book about plants in Texas writes: “.

I’ve eaten ripe berries as a trail side nibble and I am still here.

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