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It's as if all he ever thought about was himself.

Though later on, he did become more mature and nice. Of course he is short and he feels awkward dating a tall girl, but I think the situation for Risa is equivalent.

Moreover, after realizing her feelings for Otani, Risa started to cry a lot, which I didn't like.

I pictured her as a tall and cool girl yet my hopes were shattered. But it's just that he was extremely childish and mean sometimes and I couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards Risa.

The grandpa arc is one that I particularly dislike, and the events surrounding Mighty had me mentally screeching, "But this would never HAPPEN.

And if it did, it would be CREEPY." Dialogue felt unnatural at times also-- I could definitely perceive that Umibozu was used as a common interest between Risa and Otani, and it felt quite strained at times.

Their giant/dwarf act did grow tiresome as the manga progressed.

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Since most of the comments are positive, I think the manga is fulfilling for a lot of readers. And it was nice that their love was based on the fact that they get along well and have fun together. Actually risa is a common girl which hope that she can get love she wants.

The characters are lovable, the romance is "d'awww"-worthy, and the plot puts an unusual spin on the archetypal shoujo norms.

If you're a shoujo fan like me, I highly recommend checking this out.

Lovely Complex (or just Love Com) is honestly one of the best shoujo manga reads you will probably ever have in your lifetime.

I actually can't begin to explain how this thing grows on you in such a short time.

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