Kenya mobile adult chatting Chat without any account

Empathy is key when talking about digital products, and it’s especially important when talking about chatbots. We are not trying to say that chatbots will save the world, end poverty or serious illnesses.

If you want to get health tips during your pregnancy Nuru will ask you a few questions, for example which week of your pregnancy you are in. However, since chatbots work like the current services they use, we can utilize this modern technology to solve day-to-day problems.

Of course, they can change it later on, but the main idea here is that As we have mentioned before, Kenya is a world leader in mobile money transactions, thanks to the widespread use of the service called m Pesa.

People in Kenya are probably more comfortable with the process of sending money with their phones than we are.

They are also instant, easy to use, and ubiquitous.

Globally, there are a couple of providers that have successfully leveraged IM platforms or Chat – applications with real-time text transmission over the internet – in offering financial services.

As a result, subscribers to these IM app based financial platforms are reaping from ensuing benefits such as: seamless on-boarding processes (primarily registration and KYC) and relevance (effortlessly integrated into users’ already digital lifestyles.

In the Western world everyone is talking about (and via) messaging apps and chatbots.

They are going big all around the globe and Africa is not an exception: 78% of Kenyan smartphone users said that they use their devices for chatting and social networking.

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