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– One of two people charged in a sex trafficking case after being caught at a New Kent County truck stop pleaded guilty in court on Friday, according to a report from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.Laura Sorensen, 31, was arrested along with Aldair Hodza, 36, on January 6th after a truck driver reported suspicious activity at an RV parked at the Pilot gas station on Route 106 near I-64.The experimental results reveal that the HIP (Select Hierarchical Information Preserving Features) method performs best overall, in terms of predictive accuracy and robustness when coping with data where the instances' classes have a substantially imbalanced distribution.This paper also reports a list of the Gene Ontology terms that were most often selected by the HIP method.Increasing age is a risk factor for many diseases; therefore developing pharmacological interventions that slow down ageing and consequently postpone the onset of many age-related diseases is highly desirable.In this work we analyse data from the Drug Age database, which contains chemical compounds and their effect on the lifespan of model organisms.

The codes obtained by the multi-objective approach are more robust and structurally more similar to the standard code.These four hierarchical feature selection methods are compared with each other and with a well-known "flat" feature selection method, i.e., Correlation-based Feature Selection.The adopted bioinformatics datasets consist of aging-related genes used as instances and Gene Ontology terms used as hierarchical features.We also present tables summarizing the main characteristics of 64 research articles using data from aging-related longitudinal studies, in terms of the aging-related aspects analyzed, the main data analysis techniques used, and the specific longitudinal database mined in each article.Finally, we analyze the comprehensiveness of the main databases of longitudinal studies of human aging worldwide, regarding which proportion of the proposed taxonomy's aspects are covered by each longitudinal database.

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