Kenny chesney dating skylene montgomery

I also caught Keith Urban's guitar pic and my husband caught a drum stick from his drummer. She isn't that attractive like Allison is and basically she trapped kenny into talking to her, he's gonna find out what a skank she is.Sammy threw his blue tequila drink all over us - but it was fun. I'm gonna ruin her Yep I know the brunette and she is a BIT*H.When he sang that song I had tears streaming down my face when he looked at me.Its just a sad song, and even though he didn't write it - it just makes me feel so sad for him that he doesn't have that someone special and that being on the road is tough and lonely.

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I was at the Cleveland concert too - front row left sandpit.

I saw that girl, at first she had a short sleeve shirt and then she went and put on a jacket right?

I noticed her too because she was not back behind those things. So far no one has said that Kenny & this brunette have been seen holding hands or kissing.

I wish you all could just appreciate him, his music, and his love for it!!

Check out my son on youtube, carsonchesneytrivia, and you will see what its all about!

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