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Black people were subjected to interrogations and harassment and whippings and other physical punishment -- even death -- if they were determined to have run away.

Like modern-day racial profiling, a black person's skin color, not their actions, made them subject to discriminatory treatment from law enforcement.

As Human Rights Watch noted in a 2009 study, blacks are arrested at much higher rates than whites even though they commit drug offenses at comparable rates.

One common denominator among the War on Drugs, convict leasing and the black codes is the use of the law enforcement in a discriminatory way that often begins with an act of racial profiling.

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This month, we launched the Faces of Racial Profiling video series, which shows the human impact of racial profiling on various communities of color. Senate to include a ban of racial profiling in immigration reform legislation.These stories show that race still matters a great deal in the United States.They make the idea that America is a post-racial society laughable.We see these violations happening every day through modern-day racial profiling, which really become a more pervasive problem during the War on Drugs.The current incarnation of the "War on Drugs" began in 1982 under Ronald Reagan as drug crimes were on the decline.

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