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Nineties films with a political bent would follow, including "True Colors," "City Hall," and "The Thin Red Line." This month, the activism-inclined actor unleashes "War, Inc.," a blistering satire on privatization and profiteering in – or in this case, the fictional Turaqistan – that he also co-wrote. It's a movie about Shanghai in 1941 just before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and Japan had taken over most of China, but there was sort of an uneasy truce because Shanghai was an international city so they didn't want to declare war on the British or the Americans yet. So it's got myself, and Chow Yun-Fat, and Ken Watanabe, and Gong Li is the female lead. BE: So I caught "War, Inc." over at the Tribeca Film Festival, and had no idea what to expect. JC: Yeah, that's why the people who like it really seem to love it, but then the people who don't (like it) seem not to understand that it's a hybrid of genres and things, you know.

" think it's very pro-American, in that I'm not ready to cede the future of the country to the neo-liberal vision of the world. You know, someone said something that I loved the other day, and I thought this was a good distillation of five years of cinematic work. Because, you know, when you do a movie that's very serious about this stuff, it's big that I can understand when people are finishing work or finishing doing stuff that they don't want to go to the movies to be reminded of all this depressing shit.So I think to do something in that spirit feels better than just being depressed.So there was I think kind of an activist element to it that I think was kind of key.But I think people don't understand what "privatization" really means, you know? But if there are 180,000 contractors versus 140,000 troops, "War, Inc." is just taking this trend to its logical conclusion, and that will be a time when war is entirely a corporate affair. let's say, maybe Shell and Exxon, even though their profits are soaring right now due to the price of oil, let's say you conceded the point that it makes sense for corporations to have their own armies. For argument's sake, let's go down that rabbit hole and say, "It is a good thing for corporations to have their own armies." And, you know, there's a logic to it, right?They've got their oil fields and they have to protect them, right? By the interviewer and the interviewee and all the people reading this article.

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