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Ruth Negga employs a couple of handy metaphors when talking about her turn as Mildred Loving in Jeff Nichols’ biographical drama, “Loving,” from carrying a precious vase to safety alongside her co-star Joel Edgerton to launching off a trampoline under the guidance of Nichols.But each metaphor – thoughtfully considered and very charming, much like the Ethiopian-Irish actress herself – help drives home one single thing: The delicate, brave nature of taking on such a meaningful and important role.But perhaps “Loving” can help make some of history’s greatest injustices all the more vivid to its audience.“I’m delighted people are feeling utter outrage on their behalf, but is it really surprising? “Shouldn’t we have more knowledge about that period? When I heard of it, it didn’t really surprise me, I thought, ‘Well, it’s dangerous, isn’t it, because you’re legitimizing something that is saying that a black person and a white person are equal.’ At that time, there were a lot of people who weren’t happy about that.” She added, “I find that kind of fascinating that people are quite shocked that it happened so recently.But after agreeing to spend the day with him, she soon realizes that she made a deadly mistake.

“It’s lovely, because it means people are responding and it means people see the film,” she said.

But then it crawls repeating the same shots and mild shocks until after the hour mark.

At this stage you are left wondering when the real story is going to start. A little mystery is a good idea in this genre, it heightens the fear but at some point you need an actual narrative to draw it all together.

Virginia case, few know the details – how the Lovings were ambushed and raided after their 1958 marriage, charged with a slew of crimes, forced to leave their home state rather than face jail time and how it took nearly a decade for their case to lead to the kind of change that changed the laws forever – and while Nichols packs all of those aspects into his film, he also relies on the unshakable love between the pair.

READ MORE: Review: Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga Turn Jeff Nichols’ ‘Loving’ Into a Welcome Challenge to Hollywood Melodrama For Negga, Nichols’ approach to his work and his films was essential – as she tells it, “they’re as far away from formula as possible” – and the kind of thing that allowed her to embrace a role that she felt almost cosmically motivated to play. All the more extraordinary for their ordinariness, and look what they managed to achieve.'” The actress sparked swiftly to the couple’s obvious love and affection, finding an inspirational romance at the heart of one of the world’s most publicized legal cases.

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