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What You Can Expect This Season: Each week, look for my Recap right here on Reality Tea, following each episode (up usually late Wednesday night or by Thursday morning).

Then every Thursday, you can get more of my thoughts as well as listen to my exclusive exit interview with the voted-out contestant on my Film Survivor Podcast…the link and excerpts of which will be available right here on this site as well.

It’s more of a spin on the “Exile Island” concept that we’ve seen many times before on the show.

When people are sent to “Ghost Island” however, they will be “haunted” by several artifacts that have represented past failures in the game.

The tribes will be split initially into two tribes of ten, the “Malolo” tribe and the “Naviti” tribe, most likely to be referred on these pages henceforth as the “Orange” and “Purple” tribes (does anyone pay attention to these tribe names, like, ever? They will not be marooned or shipwrecked to begin the season, unlike the last few previous seasons.

Did anyone ever imagine that back in the Summer of 2000 when Sue Hawk was giving her “rat and the snake” speech at Tribal Council or when Rudy Boesch was describing that he liked Richard Hatch (“but not in a homosexual way”) that we would still be talking about the cultural phenomenon that is Survivor as we entered 2018?Marine animal trainer Wendell Holland, 33Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa. Student Sebastian Noel, 22Hometown: Melbourne, Fla. Fishing guide Chelsea Townsend, 24Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah EMTBradley Kleihege, 26Hometown: Haslett, Mich.Furniture designer Angela Perkins, 42Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Army veteran Chris Noble, 27Hometown: Florida Keys, Fla. Law student Kellyn Bechtold, 31Hometown: North Manchester, Ind.Account executive Donathan Hurley, 26Hometown: Phelps, Ky.Caretaker It all happens on Wednesday, February 28th, with a two-hour Premiere, beginning at 8pm on CBS!

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