Jeff and jordan still dating Modi sex chats

On their drive down to Dallas to move into their new home, Rodgers documented Jojo’s impressively long nap on his Snapchat.

“My bags are packed, we have a house in Dallas, we’re moving right after this,” he added.

I’d front-door him and stand back when he made his inevitable Incredible Hulk-smash exit.) Then again, in plotting with Kevin and Natalie to put them up as pawns with the hope of pushing Russell out this week, we were treated to Jeff’s clever comment, regarding the veto competition, “It’s not gonna be a bench-pressing contest.” (That sound you heard were the producers yelling in the control booth, “Get six sets of barbells, stat!

”) I can’t recall a previous that had such as trusting a unit as Jeff-and-Jordan, can you?

“You deserve the world and I’m going to keep trying to give you all of it!

The first of many birthdays to honor (and tease) the unbelievable human being you are.” 9. Rodgers relocated to Fletcher’s hometown of Dallas after their engagement became public knowledge following the series finale of The Bachelor.

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