Jd samson dating

I took classical guitar when I was in high school and then when i was in school, I didn’t make music but I set up shows.

I graduated from high school in ‘96, so before that, I was experimenting with every counterculture there ever was: riot grrrl, hippie, punk, whatever.I wanted to ask permission, but they thought it was funny that I even remembered it at all.The funny thing about me and music is I have a really interesting sense of memory with it, I live my life with pop music as jumping off points for memories in my life.That’s something I’ve struggled with in my life, because you can’t have all the answers and sometimes you mess up, but I consider my activism to come from the same place, from trying to keep peace and understanding among different groups of people who should be hugging.How do you feel like the music you make embodies that activism?

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