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The action makes the film closer to John Ford than Quentin Tarantino and I liked it for that reason; so if you are looking for kinetic martial-arts-type action, this film is not for you.

The 3D is fair: I thought it could be better employed in some areas, but in other sections added to the adventure.

Amy decides to go find the plane and clear her name even though she is not really accused of anything.

Another area that used 3D to good effect were the swimming/diving sequences. Her boyfriend Tony (Jack Prinya) is in the air force and must pilot a shipment of gold to Manila. He tells Amy his mission is top secret, yet when the plane crashes the news knows it was the gold shipment and she knows that her boyfriend was the pilot.

Michael has served as Executive Producer on movies such as 3 Needles (Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh), Shanghai Kiss (Kelly Hu), Falling For Grace (Margaret Cho, Gale Harold, Cindy Cheung) and The Curiosity Of Chance (Tad Hilgenbrink, Chris Mulkey).

He made his directorial debut with the award-winning feature film Irreversi.

She was signed to Media Asia by Jackie Chan in 1999.

Vince's new girlfriend, Fiona, is bothering everyone in the house, Eric Murphy learns about the movie, Queens Boulevard, but is dismayed to find out the producer doesn't like Vince, and the guys go to see Fiona's sherpa for marijuana.

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