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Determined to be an entertainer, he transferred in eighth grade to San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, despite that it was thirty miles away and he would have to rise before dawn to catch the bus to school and then endure a four hour bus ride home.

He later attended the independent study program at the Coronado School of the Arts, choosing the arts over his other great love…football.

However, you can send him fan mail at his official fan mailaddress. According to his Wikia page, he's dating Zoey Deutch.

Fan Mail Address: Avan Jogia The Characters Talent Agency 8 Elm Street Toronto, ON M5G-1G7 Canada Wiki Answers will not provide private contact information for celebrities and individuals alike. He is 25% Irish, 25% Welsh and 50% Gujarati Indian.

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Big Time Rush is an American television series that originally aired on Nickelodeon from November 28, 2009 until July 25, 2013.He adds, “The great thing about playing James is that as an actor, I get to take it to the extreme.It’s fun to show off when you’re being asked to do that — as my character is completely self-absorbed and is always making a fool of himself.” When he is not working, Maslow enjoys surfing, riding horses and mountain climbing. Whitney, the tallest mountain in the continental U. A singer/songwriter, he also plays the guitar and piano.He attended acting camp at the La Jolla Playhouse, got his first agent when he was 14, and in high school starred as Danny Zuko in Grease and as Maurius in Les Misérables.He quit the School of Creative and Performing Arts mid-way through the 10th grade and switched to Coronado School of the Arts.

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