Jae hee han chae young dating

The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up.The show takes a modern approach to the famous Korean folk tale about two lovers: Choon Hyang and Mong Ryong.The hairstyles and costumes were atrocious, the storyline was flimsy and silly, but this drama just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.I actually never liked because the OTP there fought all the time and kept getting split up by the machinations of the second leads, but in OY the OTP manage to quickly work through all issues and keep staying together (after the first big misunderstanding, of course).I also loved that the heroine is determined and self-dependent.Also, her relation with her father-in-law is really adorable.

The OST is really awesome, in fact all the songs are just like the part of the drama and are really good.

I guess the production wanted to save the best for last.

Since I love k-pop and k-drama, I thought to lists celebrities who have an official instagram I will be listing below.

Jin Goo and Park Ha Sun will be a great unexpected pairing and I can see the potential for great chemistry.

I don’t see Jo Hyun Jae at the first script reading so sounds like he joined at the last minute.

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