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"We could go on for for ever getting the watch tested but it wouldn't make any difference to some people," he said.

"In my own mind, I have no doubt who the Ripper was." In the Ripper chatroom casebook.org, views on the authenticity of the watch scratch theory remained mixed yesterday.

The brass would have been deposited by the tool used to engrave the words and the corrosion on the particles suggests the work was not done in modern times.

The watch was also sent to Bristol University's interface analysis centre.

Boo, hiss and throw popcorn in this fun spoof of everyone's favorite serial killer.

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Trevor Marriott, a murder squad detective with Bedfordshire police for 28 years who has spent years combing Scotland Yard's files on Jack the Ripper, remains unconvinced.

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The notion that James Maybrick, an outwardly respectable Liverpool cotton merchant who frequented brothels and was addicted to arsenic and strychnine, may have been the man who murdered five women in Whitechapel, east London, in the 1880s is based on a 64-page diary confession, revealed in the mid-1990s by a former Liverpool scrap merchant."[They] could have been very, very old and were certainly not new but it is difficult to be precise," Dr Wild said.The Maybrick theory has not been short of supporters in the past 10 years, among them the writer and film-maker Paul Feldman and the TV presenter Jeremy Beadle, who said after the diary emerged: "Whether you like it or not, the mystery is solved." But before the proposed 100,000 print run of the diary was off the presses, Scotland Yard was asked to investigate claims that the document "unearthed" by the scrap merchant, Mike Barrett, was a hoax which could net more than £4m in TV and newspaper rights.A least one devotee insisted there are seven initials in the watch, not five, the number that tallies with the murders."OK, I am prepared to suspend my disbelief," said another.

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