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Tori & Beck forced to go alone, develop feelings for eachother & admit it to eachother. Jade: That's what I was trying to say, Right?!?

Beck & Tori shockingly kissed in the restaurant, both were surprised at first but eventually liked it & became a couple. Beck: Listen, Jade can't attend the movie we're gonna watch... Jade: ' Cause my mom wants me to spend quality time with them, so I'm gone for the week... Tori: Aw, so you won't get to come again to Maestro's?

From spending time with her spacey BFF Cat Valentine, to dealing with her frenemy Jade West, can Tori grab a starring role in her new life?

Summary: Jade was forced to go on vacation with her family, leaving Beck & the rest of the gang behind. The day came when Jade had to leave early for the airport... After the airport, they all went back to their homes & is getting ready for there big night..

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Tori: I just seem a little Jealous, even though I'm not the Jealous type, about.. Tori: 'cuz she cut me off when I was about too..

Beck: Beatiful, caring, sweet, cute & very different from Jade...

Beck & Tori: *leaned in to kiss eachother Tori & Beck: *surprised screaming: Ahh!

Robbie: I & Cat can't watch the movie tonight...

Beck: Nope, In fact I'm already at your door to pick you up..

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