Is shia labeouf dating isabel lucas

Or, just a few minutes later, telling a black cop that he’s “going to hell” and calling the officers “racist,” explaining that, “A black man arrested me for being white,” before going on to brag, “I got more millionaire lawyers than you know what to do with, you stupid bitch”? To compare and contrast La Beouf with an old-school case, let’s take another look at Mel Gibson, whose infamous anti-Semitic cop rant landed him in the Hollywood dog-house for a decade.Gibson’s tirade was just the most spectacular example of his complete and utter odiousness; he also pled no contest to misdemeanor battery, admitting that he slapped his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva “with an open hand.” (Grigorieva alleged that Gibson gave her a concussion and chipped her front teeth, hitting her while she was holding their baby daughter.) Gibson is a textbook example of a triple threat, combining misogyny, abusive behavior, and racist rhetoric in one alcohol-soaked package.By obfuscating his actions through art—is this outburst “real,” or is it some form of meta commentary?

Asked if Fox was dating Green at the time — the couple split in 2009 before reconciling a year later and getting married — La Beouf says, "I don't know, man. The actress was dating Adrian Grenier and was in La Beouf's truck the night of his 2008 car accident.

In 2015, La Beouf was recorded getting into an argument with his girlfriend Mia Goth.

The fight was broken up by a group of passersby, who intervened and offered to take La Beouf to the airport.

Meanwhile, a new scandal in which the troubled Shia La Beouf wielded racist rhetoric against his arresting officers is merely a new item in the actor’s lengthy catalogue of “bizarre antics.”This gendered double standard is, of course, not news.

Controversies and misbehavior attach themselves to female artists like mold, poisoning even the most promising careers—the “difficult” Katherine Heigl being a prime example.

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