Irs refund status not updating

If you requested all or part of your refund be applied to your next year’s taxes, you will not receive that refund this year.

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If you check the status of your refund and it indicates you should have received the refund but you have not, it may be because: Refunds are not forwarded to new addresses.Respond to the letter as soon as possible to minimize the delay to your refund. If you entered incorrect or invalid direct deposit information, your refund may be delayed as we issue you a refund by mail instead.Direct deposit errors include: If you did not provide all the required information with your return, your refund will be delayed while we send you a letter requesting the missing information or gather the information from other sources.Taxpayers who e-file generally receive refunds more quickly than those who file on paper.The IRS could issue your refund as quickly as within 21 days, but some tax returns take a little longer to process and review.

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