Invalidating insurance

In this case, your insurer could argue that it’s more than just bad luck and you’ve been negligent.Leaving your car unlocked and unattended is like putting up a big neon sign saying “come at me, bro”.Extend your policy to include valuables likely to be outside during hot weather.Secure valuables in a garage, secure shed or your house when you’re not around. Not securing tools that are then used to break into the house (ladders, hammers, wrenches etc.) Secure tools within a garage, secure shed or your home. Failing to notify your insurer that builders are on-site. Damage to the property, burst pipes etc.) the insurer may either refuse to pay for the claim, or only pay a reduced amount. This may incur a temporary increase in your premium to cover any accidental damage. Any claim made during a period when the house is left unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days may be voided.Claims could be refused if your car isn’t deemed to be maintained in a “roadworthy condition”.Surely the pleasure of your mate’s company – and three hours of badly-sung Frozen covers – are enough?Blindly following your satnav could lead you into some pretty hairy situations.

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Arrange for someone to stay one night within any 30-day period to reset the count. If you use your home as a place of business, an increase in visits from people is assumed, thus increasing the likelihood of theft and other associated claims.

Even though your premiums may increase slightly, declare to your insurer from the outset that you are using your home as a base for your business.

During a transaction lawyers acting for buyers and/or lenders may discover legal issues which can be addressed by obtaining such a policy.

Your lawyer will advise whether indemnity insurance is a solution to the issue and will ascertain if an existing indemnity policy is in place.

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