Invalidating environment marsha linehan

Erratic response to this pattern of behaviour by those in the environment may then create a situation of intermittent reinforcement resulting in the behaviour pattern becoming persistent.

Linehan suggests that a particular consequence of this state of affairs will be a failure to understand and control emotions; a failure to learn the skills required for 'emotion modulation'.

Patients showing the features of Borderline Personality Disorder as defined in DSM-IV are notoriously difficult to treat (Linehan 1993a).

The opposite poles of the final dilemma are referred to as 'active passivity' and 'apparent competence'.However, it is in the nature of such an environment that the demands that she is allowed to make on others will tend to be severely restricted.The child's behaviour may then oscillate between opposite poles of emotional inhibition in an attempt to gain acceptance and extreme displays of emotion in order to have her feelings acknowledged.Linehan suggests that an emotionally vulnerable child can be expected to experience particular problems in such an environment.She will neither have the opportunity accurately to label and understand her feelings nor will she learn to trust her own responses to events.

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