Includetext not updating

You might want to use File.separator in UI, however, because it's best to show people what will make sense in their OS, rather than what makes sense to Java.

Update: I have not been able, in five minutes of searching, to find the "you can always use a slash" behavior documented.

After updating to the latest version, I suddenly get the following error as soon as I set 'includetext' to true.

I tried 1.5.5 and 1.5.6 and then switched back to 1.4.2 where everything works fine.

This is primarily useful when you have a big project on a slow computer; changing one of the include targets won't force you to regenerate the outputs of all the rest.

command, which makes it appropriate to use it for large entities such as book chapters.

On netbeans, how do I place my file in the same directory as my Java program.

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