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The 102,000-ton Carnival Triumph is the namesake for Carnival's two-ship Triumph Class.Sailing since 1999, it currently operates trips to the Caribbean from New Orleans.It sails to the Caribbean from Galveston, Texas and Miami.Unveiled in 2012, the 130,000-ton Carnival Breeze is the newest of Carnival's three Dream Class vessels, which began rolling out in 2009. Thomas, it carries 3,690 passengers, based on double occupancy, and sails to the Caribbean from Galveston, Texas and Port Canaveral, Fla.Unveiled in 2011, the 3,690-passenger, 130,000-ton Carnival Magic is the second of Carnival's three Dream Class vessels.Shown here in Key West, Fla., it sails to the Caribbean from Port Canaveral, Fla. Sailing since 2009, the 3,646-passenger,130,000-ton Carnival Dream is based year-round in New Orleans but will move to Galveston, Texas in 2019.The diversion of Carnival's Baltimore-based ship to Canada on Sunday will leave it more than 2,000 miles off track.As of late Thursday, Carnival hadn't released a list of planned stops for the vessel but said it would visit destinations in New England as well as Canada.

At 133,500 tons, it's Carnival's biggest ship ever and the first of the line's new Vista Class of vessels.

The list of upcoming cruises that have been canceled, delayed or modified due to Hurricane Irma now includes voyages on ships based as far away from the storm as Baltimore and Galveston, Texas.

Cruise giant Carnival late Thursday said its Baltimore-base, 2,124-passenger Carnival Pride would sail for Canada on Sunday instead of heading to the Bahamas and Grand Turk Island as planned in an effort to avoid the storm.

It originally debuted in 1996 as Carnival Destiny but was renamed in 2013 following a massive makeover. Unveiled in 1998, it's one of Carnival's eight Fantasy Class vessels, which date to the 1990s.

At the time of its debut, it was the largest cruise ship ever built and, notably, the first passenger vessel to exceed 100,000 tons. The 2,052-passenger, 70,367-ton Carnival Elation sails to The Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean out of Jacksonville, Fla. Also sailing to Mexico from the Los Angeles area is the 2,052-passenger, 70,367-ton Carnival Imagination.

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