How to stop powerdvd updating Pak girls cam

It would seem that, for me at least, when a new windows 10 update comes out new nvidia drivers come as well.

After the windows 10 update i started having issues again.

It's worse with AVI files but usually VLC will repair the indexes before it starts playing.

Also, the location of the media can affect how it plays, if the media is on a networked drive, sometimes it won't play smoothly. I'd start by running CHKDSK on whatever HDD you have your media stored on, make sure there are no bad sectors, Also, make sure it's been defragged/optimized, cos that affects playback.

I also installed Slysoft Any DVD HD to avoid encryption or region issues.

For VLC, the video will freeze, but the audio will keep playing, but when you move the cursor to a point in the program, it just closes and crashes.

However, there is no error report in the Event viewer.

i went through my laptop and uninstalled everything that looked like bloatware and unfortunately for me, i had never heard of cyberlink powerdvd until after i deleted it.

The same disc wouldn’t play on Corel Win DVD Pro either.

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