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Macy, and Cake with Jennifer Aniston, which recently premiered at TIFF. (It must be said, though, that her role in Lake Bell’s In a World was a stroke of genius.) Instead, Longoria has become a serious mover in the world of liberal politics, campaigning for Obama, advocating for immigration reform and working to increase voter registration and political engagement in Latina and Latino communities.

She’s also headed back to TV for the lead role in ABCs forthcoming American Crime, from 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley. She also founded a series of nonprofits, including Eva’s Heroes and the Eva Longoria Foundation, executive produced a documentary about agricultural laborers called Food Chains, and even found time to get a masters master's degree in Chicano studies.

Metcalfe was one of the few male alums to sort of make a name for himself: He starred in the relatively successful teen rom-com John Tucker Must Die, back in 2006, and up until the end of the third season, he played Christopher Ewing on TNT's Dallas.

In 2015, he’ll star in the horror film Dead Rising: Watchtower, based on Capcom's Dead Rising zombie video game franchise.

Well, at least we now know why Sheree is so broke: she’s spending all her coins buying vending machine snacks for her prison bae, Tyrone, and accepting collect phone calls! It’s all look, but don’t touch and appreciate it from afar?

Kenya is back from her grandmother’s funeral and visits Lake Bailey for a little solace and peace. She actually visits to get the dish from Cynthia and Kandi Burruss on the rest of the San Francisco trip.

James Denton (Mike Delfino)Post–Wisteria Lane life hasn't been so good to sexy Mike Delfino: He has been in a couple of bad movies, including the lead in a (non–Left Behind) straight-to-video Christian rapture flick called Revelation Road 3: The Black Rider.

He also modeled for French designer Daniel Hechter's spring-summer 2012 ad campaign.

Speaking of boats, Cynthia may have unresolved business ventures with Peachter Peachter Bank Account Eater, but her heart is only for Will. Peter returns from the great wilds of Charlotte where he has struck gold and he’s now prepared to avenge himself in Atlanta, where everyone called him a loser.Felicity Huffman (Lynette Scavo) Huffman is the Housewife who has achieved the most critical success as an actress.She won a Golden Globe award for her performance of a transgender woman in Transamerica, back in 2005, and while she has yet to find her breakout film role, this year she starred two notable indies: Rudderless, directed by her husband, William H.Remember when it was Kenya Moore who was begging Cynthia to love her as a BFF?My how the tables have turned now that Kenya has a real man, and it’s Cynthia, single and alone, who just wants to be loved and included.

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