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By default, it works by sending UDP datagram with unlikely destination port number(ranging from 33434 to 33534) to the destination with the ttl(time-to-live) field set to 1.When the router somewhere in the network gets such datagram - it finds out that the datagram is expired.When you say TCP guarantees ordered packet delivery, what that means is it will deliver packets in correct order to the upper layers of the stack.SCTP vs TCP vs UDPServices/Features SCTP TCP UDP Connection-oriented yes yes no Full duplex yes yes yes Reliable data transfer yes yes no Partial-reliable data transfer optional no no Ordered data delivery yes yes no Unordered data delivery yes no yes Flow control yes yes no Congestion control yes yes no ECN capable yes yes no Selective ACKs yes optional no Preservation of message boundaries yes no yes Path MTU discovery yes yes no Application PDU fragmentation yes yes no Application PDU bundling yes yes no Multistreaming yes no no Multihoming yes no no Protection against SYN flooding attacks yes no n/a Allows half-closed connections no yes n/a Reachability check yes yes no Psuedo-header for checksum no (vtags) yes yes Time wait state vtags 4-tuple n/a Since tcp usages are pretty straightforward from other answers, I'll mention some interesting UDP use-cases: 1)DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, which is being used in order to dynamically assign IP address and some other network configuration to the connecting devices.When it eventually reaches it's destination(datagrams TTL is big enough to allow it),- the destination host sends 'Destination port unreachable' ICMP message to the origin host.This way, Traceroute knows that the destination was reached.Various mechanisms like routing djikstras shortest path algorithm exist to establish the virtual end to end connection.So it finds itself used while browsing HTML and other pages, making payments and web applications in general.

In ARINC 664, TCP is optional but UDP is used with the RTOS (real time operating systems) designed for the ARINC 653 standard (high reliability control software in civil aircrafts).Even though we can understand some frames are missing due to our imagination skills. ~1 k B), and you require all of it to be delivered.Almost all data that moves across the internet does so via TCP - HTTP, SMTP, Bit Torrent, SSH, etc, all use TCP.Whereas UDP lets the application software deal with errors, retransmission timers, etc.Moreover, TCP has more processing overhead than UDP.

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