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This game not only works smoothly and nicely well but I've enjoyed in first person how brutally cool and fun it is!!

The Beyond the Red Line team has released the patch 2 for their Brand new faction, the Seraphim.

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Here you got links to both of the walkthrough parts I and II.

You even can calculate and check how much RPs ( Research Points ) gives you a number of RSs ( Research Stations ) in a given moment.

The following site allows you to explore the entire Research Tree for the 3 different factions of the game. Check the numbers of almost unit, structrure and/or upgrade in the game.

Obviously, and this must be always taken in consideration, the essential credit goes to the , whom created from scratch all these awesome tile-sets that we'll enjoy as TA maps.

Here you got it, all Worlds completed and even a couple of teaser maps for you all.

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