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The buildings had been split off from the rest of the farm in the 1970s, and were for rent.

Several years later the couple purchased the property and have since been making improvements and using it as a base for numerous hobbies and interests.

The Cook Home, a large limestone building constructed during 1881-82 by Clarissa C.

A recent acquisition is an engine made in Pennsylvania. While the engines take most of the floor space, other objects demand attention, too.

Hanging high on two walls are 12 huge maps — two South America, one Africa, four worlds, two Iowas and so on — such as you might have found in grade schools in the 1960s. And then there are the skeletons, one gorilla, one goat.

Hanging on a wall in the dining room is the original building contract for the home. These rooms are available as common areas to the apartment residents, but the kitchen is closed and common meals are no longer served.

Reading the script you can see that money was to be paid as jobs were accomplished, such a ,000 when the building was ready for lathing. Fejervary," belonging to Nicholas Fejervary, a Hungarian count who settled in Davenport in 1853 and whose estate became today's Fejervary Park. The home's exterior is noteworthy, too, with towers and gables.

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