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Under natural conditions, the surface of molten glass will cool more rapidly than the centre.

This results in internal stresses which may dating owens-illinois glass bottles the glass sheet or object to crack, shatter or even kostenlos dating schweiz some time later.

There may be a single short immersion in a stronger solution or, alternatively, a series of immersions in a weaker solution.

The process of acid etching a trademark or click here into glass after it has been annealed, using a device that resembles a rubber stamp.

A takeout mechanism then lifts the container from the mould.

Blowpipes have a mouthpiece at one end and are usually fitted at the other end with a metal ring that helps to retain a gather. Such glass is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and temperature change thermal shock and is particularly suitable for laboratory ware test tubes, etc.

The inverted parison is transferred to an upright position in the blow mould where it is reheated before compressed air is introduced into the parison bubble.

A process used widely in the of bowls, plates, ashtrays, etc.Refractory blocks or tiles in varying proportions of alumina-zirconiasilica; initially used for areas where corrosion resistance was important but now used in most parts of the furnace.The application of decorative bands of enamel or precious-metal compounds, normally by machine, to containers such as winterberg bekanntschaften, cups, cosmetics bottles, This process for the decoration of glass involves the application of hydrofluoric acid to the glass surface.Hydrofluoric acid vapours or baths of hydrofluoric acid salts may be used to give glass a matt, frosted appearance similar to that obtained by surface sandblastingas found in lighting glass.

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