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Thinking I’m going to have to deal with an irate customer, I tell my cook I’ll be right back, then head up front.) “I want a big burger.

The next day, the manager told me that woman insisted that I must be fired and said she would give our executives a call about this.

First, God wants us to make the effort, not because He needs it, but because we need it. In the Talmud, a scoffer tells Rebbe Akiva: "You shouldn't be helping poor people, because it was God who made them poor, and by helping them you're going against God's plan!

" Rebbe Akiva answered: "God made poor people precisely in order that we should help them.

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The question arises regarding testing people before marriage for being carriers of Tay-Sachs disease.Each week he prays to win, and after many weeks go by, he finally complains to God, "Why haven't I won?" Replies God, "You should have bought a ticket." While the obvious message is that "God helps those who help themselves," I imagine that God doesn't need someone to purchase a lottery ticket.Though of course, don't go out and buy a whole stack of tickets.Because if God wants you to win, one ticket should be enough.

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