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And then finally Laporte was the solution and it seemed great with a clean like an early Christensen type of wonderful relationship brewing, which then all went to fucking shit as he was dropped two out of the next three GWs with a blank sandwiched in between. [tweetbutton] [wdgpo_plusone show_count="yes"][SFBSB button="button_count"] We were talking with a prospective client the other day and they couldn’t understand why they had to be logged in, to view their Facebook page.I went ahead and changed it back, as the content is fine for any age, and checked and it does show up. Here’s a link for more info on this Many of us are hoping this is not a permanent change. Impossible to see a public facebook page without being logged in. Please read this post from Inside Faceook: They are still waiting to see if this is a bug, or if it’s a real change. Here’s a link to Facebook that will show you how to turn this personal profile into a page. where as my page- Blogspot (actually i have assigned it a username ,previously it was coming as facebbok.com/page/technozmaniablogspotcomref? Reply Hi Evotive I have set up a Facebook page for our NGO, but for some reason it is not viewable by public, or even by myself/anyone when I log into my personal facebook and try and search for my NGO facebook page. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m inspired!

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These days, lots of dating apps pull your information from Facebook, allow you to add some additional stats, and get started on swiping and messaging from there, which means that the social media juggernaut is practically a requirement for online dating.

He can always just play Danilo there but we’ll see. Either way I think this will be Callum’s last game in my team. Another awful transfer by me good job by me awful job by me. Good friend, old friend, joining up with Walsh and here we are. Really hoping Raz plays but it seems a coin-flip at this point. Training with full team is good but yeah just no idea… All that I said about him above plus add to that his stats are phenomenal, dwarfing Dilva for example in that respect, AND Bournemouth are worst or second worst to Stoke defense in the league. just a couple fuckin donger boys, long schlonger boys, I love a girl that don’t even fuckin need a boy. Arsecast which felt like Pep trying to rest him to me, and then Jesus was the last sub on which might mean he’s not fit enough yet. He’s the best player in the league and the most consistent player in the league.

Chelsea is one of the last tests on their schedule but the league is over so it doesn’t really matter much. I need to figure out who to get in his stead and the two frees next week will give me some flexibility to figure it out. Another good on paper fixture for Liverpool with home Newc and even though Spurs have arguably a slightly better fixture against Huddersfield Salah is a better FPL player than Kane so I’m sticking with Mo. OUT: Bones Jones, Laporte, and Suon IN (For -4 points hit): Robbo, Bavies, and Mahrez Only my THIRD transfer hit of the season is absolutely shocking as I’m usually on ten or so by now, but I guess it’s good? Even in United’s bad stretches de Gea has been Steady Eddy for me. He might be too valuable to play in a meaningless Chelsea match and just save him for a few weeks to ensure fitness. Or maybe I’m a biased idiot and I’m totally blinded by my love for Kun. And he’s on the most or second most explosive attack in the league.

Someone must be logged in, in order to view your page. Maybe it takes some time for the changes to be recognized by Facebook? Have you tried using different browsers Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer? without facebook login —it shows “content not found” …Help Although my page - Blogspot is showing…

“Profanity Blacklist” If you have selected an option other than “none” your page will not be public. If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy of “The 13 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” be sure to do so, it’s FREE and will help you kick-start your marketing plan! An earlier post mentioned that she had removed the 13 restriction from her page because it was acceptable for all ages. Reply A Facebook personal profile functions differently than a Facebook “page.” A page is typically for a business, brand, or organization.

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