Frenchdatingservice com

Alexander Peitersen, managing director of Reputation Copenhagen came up with the idea of using his company’s office as a storefront for the campaign, as there are many businesses nearby that might be interested in the talent on display.

French has many single people just like you seeking for a date, friendship and relationship.

The Berlin-based online dating heavyweight e Darling (Affinitas Gmb H) just acquired the French dating service Atrractive World.

We spoke to an industry expert with close connections to Affinitas and learned that the purchase price was most likely between €12 million and €18 million.

Some of them have been trying for years, leaving their resumes with dozens of companies, without ever hearing back from them, and are now at a point where they are willing to try anything.

Even putting themselves in display windows like mannequins, hoping to get noticed by someone in need of their services.

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