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Makes me wonder if I'd do the same with Thunderdome.

When the time comes to show my son these movies though, I'll throw in Road Warrior and follow it up with Fury Road, ignoring the other two.

Last time I felt this way was probably with The Matrix.

It is as if once more the gauntlet has been thrown down, daring anyone to respond. I came to realize a ways back that each essentially is cribbing from some other movie or genre.

Been a fan of Mad Max II, that was a real great work of action back then. The thing is, this was the kind of movie that was never done before. Mad Max is not overtly violent, and it's also not just a bro fest of cars. The women in the movie are not there for eye candy or to be in peril, so there is a strong point of view for the female audience to latch onto.

In some ways it's like watching Ripley in Aliens in more ways than her just kicking ass. While the story itself is simple, I think it has all sorts of more complex themes.

I don't want to spoil anything, but you know, there's a scence where Max goes away to do a "job". While I enjoy watching the comic book movies, the problem is they are so CG heavy, you may as well be watching a cartoon.

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I just looked at Pinball Arcade's post on Facebook, and they mentioned this. I loved going to the arcades, even had 2 in my small town that I grew up in during the 80's but they never had pinball tables.

Beautifully photographed, no shakey cam in sight, with clearly defined action. This isn't the CG cartoon of The Avengers, where next to nothing is real.

It's the exact opposite, and you feel it in your bones.

Also, the bad guys have a couple of characters who stand out, but the movie doesn't really tell you a lot about them. The movie was storyboarded as a chase, and I think everything else was purposely only hinted at. I also enjoy the Fast and Furious movies, simply because they've been doing real car stunts.

Max's moment off screen I think is part of the old adage, less is more. Really excited to see it in the next couple of days!!! The fact that I've been lulled into thinking THOSE had good car work, well I'm fully awake once more!

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