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Those religious radicals were not as the subsequent occultist grapevine chose to depict them some three centuries later (Shepherd, Some Philosophical Critiques and Appraisals, 2004, pp. An enthusiast report states that Peter Caddy came “under the tutelage of one Dr. Sullivan left the Theosophical Society along with Mabel Besant-Scott (the daughter of Annie Besant), who failed to succeed her mother as leader in the status stakes.

During the early 1920s, Sullivan created the Rosicrucian Order Crotona Fellowship, which lasted for some thirty years.

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The Rosicrucian adept Peter Caddy had created a volatile situation of ménage à trois. Sheena Govan Sheena gained a reputation for being authoritarian and irascible.Bailey’s book Discipleship in the New Age (1944) is a glamorous portrayal of the anticipated Aquarian transition, and dates the beginning of “new age groups” to 1931 (Sutcliffe, Children of the New Age, p. These phenomena are more commonly associated with the 1960s emergence of diffuse popular beliefs and organisations, which have too frequently failed to impress observers that any solution to problems is being provided. The reliability of such teachings has been questioned, as they have frequently instilled a sense of rather complacent accomplishment in those disposed to believe that they have become true teachers.The Caddy tangent from Theosophy found a more tangible mouthpiece than the invisible Djwal Khul. Hawken, The Magic of Findhorn, 1975, p.71.) She later referred to the voice as “an instrument from the God within us all.” She was strongly influenced in this commitment by a rather contradictory situation, in which she effectively competed for the full attention of Peter Caddy prior to their marriage. The situation under discussion is made more problematic by Eileen’s statement in her autobiography that she obeyed Sheena through fear and the desire to please Peter.It became known as the Findhorn Community, not to be confused with the village of Findhorn nearby, whose inhabitants came to resent the conflation of identities.Three and a half decades later, the Findhorn Foundation gained the status of an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation, associated with the United Nations).

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