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Payment is most commonly effected in the local currency of the payee, unless if the parties agree otherwise.Payment in another currency involves an additional foreign exchange transaction.Payments may also take complicated forms, such as stock issues or the transfer of anything of value or benefit to the parties.In US law, the payer is the party making a payment while the payee is the party receiving the payment.In trade, payments are frequently preceded by an invoice or bill.In general, the payee is at liberty to determine what method of payment he or she will accept; though normally laws require the payer to accept the country's legal tender up to a prescribed limit.A payee is usually obligated to acknowledge payment by producing a receipt to the payer.

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A creditor cannot unreasonably refuse to accept a payment, but payment can be refused in some circumstances, for example, on a Sunday or outside banking hours.A bank P (the payer) with a central bank nostro can pay directly to another bank R (the receiver) which has also a nostro with CB(Ccy) by instructing the central bank to make a payment of N[Ccy] (or an amount N in Ccy).The central bank however will only accept Ps payment instruction if the balance B on P's loro account before the payment is B≥N.If we define (p,q) where p is number of parties on the sender side and q on the receiver side, we can classify the directness of payments.We denote with S In 2005, an estimated trillion globally passed through some type of payment system.

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