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(I also had several friends email it to me, so this post seems to have really struck a chord.) Reflecting on the felt need to self-censor and go underground, he remarked that it really is an awful feeling. So imagine the case where you don’t think same-sex marriage is really a thing but you don’t say anything around your colleagues because you know you will effectively be shunned out of the discipline. How a few weeks before the election, a professor called every white student in the room a racist and said that if we did not vote for Clinton, we were voting for the KKK.

Even though you hang on to your belief hidden away in your conscience, by reacting to the public criticism and allowing it to affect your behavior, you might be letting it affect you in other ways you don’t realize. I had previously resolved to vote for Gary Johnson but at that moment, I knew I had to vote for Trump.

I read it on my phone between furtive glances around a crowded coffee shop while I was supposed to be reading some history. I told him I knew exactly how he felt–probably even more than he knew.

The good so as to build strong Christian educational institutions in the future and the bad for the same reason.

Speakers have been disinvited and careers destroyed. As Andrew Sullivan noted recently, “workplace codes today read like campus speech codes of a few years ago.” There are a number of formerly popular ideas that can now end your career: the belief that men and women have inherent psychological differences, the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, opposition to affirmative action.

The black NYU undergraduate who got two cafeteria workers fired because she took the menu as an act of racist aggression hardly qualifies as a commissar sending dissenters to the gulag. Imagine that: two people are out of a job now, and have their careers tainted by accusations of racism, simply because they were trying to show sensitivity to black students, but one black student was offended, and the gutless university administration preferred to sack those workers than to be accused by anybody of complicity in their horrible racist act of serving ribs and collard greens.

The pre-academic me would have walked out of the room when the professor was ranting or laughed out loud, but years inside the academy have changed me. but I know it would serve no purpose and only injure my future prospects. ” But on second thought, I realize there is nothing I can do. I cannot do any good for the discipline that way and will only harm myself. If not, you risk internalizing the enemy’s judgment on you. If we feel dishonest, maybe it is because we became too comfortable in academia.

Maybe I should just let it all out and confront such people . There have been several moments the past few years when I have seen academics treat radical leftism as unquestioned orthodoxy (or do horrible personal things to others in the name of orthodoxy) and I have been fed up and thought to myself “That’s it! You have to find little acts here and there by which to rebel. Maybe we were trying to have our cake and eat it too.

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