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Food was given in rations from the supply boat that arrived every once in a while.People would have to swim out or use the bridge to where the supply boat was parked.The pirates did not care who you were or what your purpose here was for.They only had a few things in mind, to rob, rape, beat and murder the Boat People who were going through hunger and sea sickness.

It was such a memorable and valuable item to my mom, but my parents needed to make sacrifices to raise and feed my newborn brother, who was born on Bidong island.They were boat #91, boat name called MH 375 (Minh Hai 375).Because they were one of the first wave of Boat People there, there was barely any resources and shelter.There were many pirates who stole my parents siblings’ things such as their guitar, jewelery, and other valuable things.Luckily, my mom hid her wedding ring inside the waistband of her pants and the pirates never got to them.

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