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I am a first wife, in my second marrige of 11 years, We have a son together and i have one from my previous marriage. Have almost a perfect life the only proble is my husband:) hes no vilent, his a hard worker hes a loving father only problem is that i cant trust him...

In the early years I worked hard and tried to build a career. My kids are aggravating me, my husband doesn't want me, the bills... our relation ship problems are so BIG that im not sure anymore if i fill love for... I am 32 with 4 kids about 9 yrs ago my hunsband told me that i had to quit working. He told me he did want the boys to be raised by a strainger.

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I have no where to turn, so i am looking to this site and maybe it will help. I will be turning 25 years old in a couple of weeks. I have recently married in March of this year 2012..

I cannot even begin to explain the hurt, frustration, and loneliness i feel. My husband is a wonderful man, hardworking and very loving. We have known each other many years and been together off and on, he has cheated on me in the past so trust issues are very prevelant...

But as with most women, I had to step aside to allow him the opportunity to help more while I took... I have supported my husband for the last 2 1/2 years while he was at home. All I am here to do is cook and clean and serve everyone else. Okay, so I am young and beautiful and utterly neglected. I am a 26 year old married mother of three and I am married to a depressed sex addict. I have been married for 28 years and went with him 5 years before we married. My husband seems to live to work rather than work for a living! His work takes him to various places in our region and he has been gone for like two months now! ok i could see he point so i became a stay home mom don;t get a worng i love being a stay... He calls and emails but that only leave my pussie pulsing and dripping.

I work full time, pay all the bills, sort out all the money, practically hand him a job on a plate, sort out all his self employment documents (just to get him... He calls and emails but that only leave my pussie pulsing and dripping. I am a runner and athlete, a christian and a paramedic. because their husbands grow to become selfish, self-serving, relationship-lazy human beings who begin to treat their wives like the tree in Shel Silverstein's, "The Giving Tree." As the wife, you strive to be supportive, sacrificial, loving, indulgent. When we went together his was very controlling of what I could and could not do. I am a full time mother of four and you would think that I shouldn't be so lonely but I am missing... I have been with my mate for going on 5 years now & we have a beautiful son who just turned a year old. I am a stay at home mom & housewife, he is a wonderful father & provider (to some degree). Just an inner question i find myself asking now a days. 10 yrs before we got married and have been married now for about 3 1/2 yrs. I'm probably spoiled but I'm not used to my ***** being ignored. I am so hot for him but he is not attracted to me anymore.

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