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Or, more commonly, it is driven using intelligent rules (i.e. The term chatbot is synonymous with text conversation but is growing quickly through voice communication… Consumers spend lots of time using messaging applications (more than they spend on social media).

Therefore, messaging applications are currently the most popular way companies deliver chatbot experiences to consumers.

Read our article about developing a five-minute “Hello, World” chatbot with IBM Watson and Bluemix. IBM Watson’s Text to Speech supports nine languages, and detects the language automatically.

In addition, you can control voice expressiveness and customize the English voice using seven types of transformations.

Here is a video example of a Facebook Messenger chatbot, from David Marcus, VP Messaging at Facebook (starts around 7m19s).

Chatbot technology will adapt to us, and creating personal chatbots will be as easy as changing the settings on your Facebook account, or adding an inbox filter to your email.

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We summarized the steps you need to follow when making your own smart pumpkin.Most of the libraries are obsolete, and it is hard to use them for languages other than English. However, in my opinion, using AI for a chatbot today can be beneficial only if it is trained for a specific case. IBM Watson’s Text to Speech service is good enough to be used, but you still may notice that the voice is synthetic.The Speech to Text service did not perform very well, especially offline, and made a lot of mistakes. If you need only English support, check out this comparison of voice recognition tools.Although it might sound funny, we wanted to prevent this and just skipped the responses that came while we were playing the first response. If you use Wi-Fi, you may experience some lags when working with audio formats that are not compressed.We selected the output in IBM Watson, and Google uses .mp3 by default.

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