Free chat request

Matches of the Day are chosen by our team of matchmakers.Our matchmakers focus on the active users (last online maximum 48 hours ago) and use all available profile information from each user to provide the best matches possible. However, sometimes no one is available near your location or no one is active on a particular day.If you and your daily match like each other’s profiles, a free chat screen will open.You will have the option to chat with them for as long and for how many days you want!There are two possible reasons you cannot contact one of your previous matches.This match now has a blue button with ‘view profile’ instead of the green ‘send message’ button.

This means if your profile fits within your soulmate’s preferences, we’ll propose you as Daily Match! You can download Once free of charge and we will propose to you a free match, handpicked by our matchmakers, every single day at noon.

The higher the ‘Match Quality’, the better our matchmakers’ idea of your perfect match.

The profiles seen here are genuine Once users, but not necessarily located within your matching radius.

These are genuine users whose eye you caught, nice compliment right?

Chat requests are actually our best working feature and users exchange around 3x more messages when meeting this way.

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