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Harteau also criticized the officers for not having their body cameras on.

Noor's training had shown no indication he would have any 'issues', she said.

This should not have happened,' Harteau said in a press conference on Thursday.

Just hours after Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau (right) was forced to resign on Friday over the fatal shooting of Australian woman, Justine Damond, outraged protesters took over Mayor Betsy Hodges' (left) press conference and called for her resignation 'I have heard you, and I have listened...,' Mayor Hodges (right) said as she attempted to calm the crowd, but she was immediately interrupted as the man continued to yell: 'You have failed us since you’ve been in office' 'We want you to take your staff with you because they have terrorized us enough,' a man yelled as protesters in the room called for 'Justice for Justine'.

Damond, originally from Sydney, had been living in the US for three years and was due to marry American businessman Don Damond, 50, in August.

At the time of the shooting Don, the vice president of Little Six Casino was away on business.

Despite the outcome of the investigation, both men face being punished and possibly losing their jobs.

Officer Noor shot across Harrity and out the driver's side open window at Damond as she suddenly approached their vehicle.Ambien is a sedative often prescribed to people who have difficulty sleeping.Both officers involved in the shooting have been put on paid administrative leave, as is standard procedure following similar incidents.While police did not have body cameras switched on during the shooting, sources with knowledge of the incident claim the officers arrived at the alley at 11.30pm that night.Damond reportedly walked up to the car and started talking to the officer driving.

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