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Such exception is probably aroused when ODS's do not match ODS Update Method's parameter.When I finally resort to set the Update Method's parameter manually, everything works!It takes advantage of a bunch of model binding concepts we first introduced with ASP.

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What I have done to narrow down the problem:(1) Replace Object Data Source with an equivalent Access Data Source : same problem.(2) Check that sequence, parameter names and number of Bind("xxx") in Edit Item Template is identical to Object Data Source's parameter collection(3a) Create a new Test.aspx, using Access Data Source, update command works.(3b) Then I copy and paste the exact coding from the problem aspx to ....this modified works, to my amazement !!! This aspx works......until not knowing when.....update command problem happen again.

|If Use Submit Behavior is true (default), the button makes a normal POST submit, instead of invoking the ASP. Apparently the Form View commands only work if invoked through javascript-submit. i just solve my problem last case is i use updatepanel, so i need to wrap everyting include the objectdatasource with in the update i also remove the fileupload control from my formview since it not really flexible with update panel and formview.

None of these solutions worked, and I'm a little reluctant to use a workaround for something like data validation. if really cant work, u can try this : protected void btn Update_click(object sender, object sender, Event Args e) on the objectdatasource event set onupdated="objectdatasource1_updated" protected void objectdatasource1_updated(object sender, Object Data Source Status Event Args e) hope this help, Label control's text doesn't appear to be set (in the page which has a user control )when trying to update the text property in the Form View's Item Updated event Hi There, I have a user control which hosts a formview control, gridview control and a label control.

Why isn't Form View's Item Updating event fired, when obviously link button's command name = "Update"? protected void Form View1_Item Command(object sender, Form View Command Event Args e) protected void Object Data Source1_Updating(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) protected void Object Data Source1_Inserting(object sender, Object Data Source Method Event Args e) private void set ODSParameter(Object Data Source Method Event Args e) Thanks for your suggestion, but I don't think it is a common practice to invoke ODS' update event manually.

there any tools to tell me what events has been fired upon clicking a Form View's linkbutton? I have debugged that ODS's On Updating event is not invoked when I press the link button whose command name = "Update". NET's official class library between clicking the button and ODS's On Updating event, an exception must have been thrown, but it simply does not throw to the surface (believe me, I am already working under debug mode, every uncaptureded error must throw to surface).

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