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Even municipal governments can file bankruptcy (under Chapter 9). The Clerk's Office provides clerical and administrative support to the court by processing filed legal documents, maintaining case-related papers, collecting authorized fees, sending notices, entering judgments and orders on the docket, informing parties of scheduled hearings, and handling inquires from attorneys and the general public. It is highly recommended that legal advice be obtained from a bankruptcy attorney or legal association. They are not employed or supervised by attorneys and cannot represent you in your bankruptcy.After a Debtor has filed a case (i.e., "petition"), creditors must stop all collection efforts against the Debtor for a period of time, unless they get permission from the bankruptcy court to continue. For filing requirements, please refer to the United States Bankruptcy Code (Title 11, United States Code), the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (Bankruptcy Rules), and the Local Rules of the U. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida. Only a licensed attorney can give you legal advice. Visit our web site for a list of Lawyer Referral Services. Can the Court waive the bankruptcy petition filing fee? Some attorneys may offer a free initial consultation. Forms are also available for printing by clicking here: Official Bankruptcy forms.6.

Chapter 13 may be appropriate for Debtors who seek to retain certain assets through a repayment plan. The trustee will distribute the funds from the liquidation to holders of claims (creditors) in accordance with the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code. A list of approved Credit Counseling Agencies can be located on the U. - In a Chapter 7, Debtors are permitted to retain certain "exempt" property, while the remaining assets are liquidated by the trustee. Where can I get more information about bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedures? NOTE: For further information on these Chapters, click here: General Information.13.

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