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They invite us back to their place, then serve us dinner and we all watch a movie together.

He is thirty one and he screams like a teenager at me, he picks his nose and eats it, he smells terrible, he thinks he is gangster, he never talks to me, he spends my money on what he wants, he steals, God help me get rid of this sicko! After about two weeks my love interest in him grew stronger, I accepted my feelings. He got mad because she went with us, thinking we had (and I quote) 'just f...... Although we didn't make plans, she just joined my original plans, he is a jealous f......

He would often comment about my skill, which was a bit weird, but I didn't want to notice that. The day he gets back(a holiday), my siblings texted me that they wanted to go laser tagging and they wanted 'my boyfriend' to come.

I wasn't quite sure if Travis would be ready to meet my siblings, a bit nervous, but I invited him anyway.

I think this is weird, but I don't comment on it, worried about him.

That weekend, he invites me over to his aunt's house and we eat dinner with them.

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