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Administering parenteral medications has become routine for nurses across the healthcare spectrum.

Subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous, or intradermal routes all provide medications in a specific manner.

Nurses will sometimes ask, “When must you discard a multi-dose vial?

” Other nurses have asked “What exactly is a BUD and how does that differ from a vaccine expiration date?

Use the medication; then appropriately discard the vial.

Multi-dose vials are different; they contain several doses of medication.

Single dose vials are just that-medication for one-time-use on one patient.

Multi-dose vials are to be discarded 28 days after first use, unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise (shorter or longer), according to the Joint Commission Medication Management Standards FAQ about multi-dose vials.

So you say, I do put the date when I first open/puncture a multi-dose vial. To be in compliance with MM. EP 7, The Joint Commission requires organizations to re-label multi-dose vials with a revised expiration date once the multi-dose vial is opened or punctured.

After the maximum number of doses has been withdrawn, the vial should be discarded, even if there is residual and the expiration date has not been reached.

Never use partial doses from two or more vials to obtain a dose of vaccine.

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